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About Us

Ethical Practice, Professional Support and Dedication to the Continuous Training and Development of our Members 

The International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapists (formerly known as International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts or IAPH) has been supporting Therapists in their Practice and providing Training since 1985.

Over the years we have grown both as an organisation and also in our evidence based practices and training and are proud to hold a register of members that continue to feed their desire for knowledge in the field of Psychotherapy. 

Meet The IAEBP Council of Management


Chair and Fellow of the IAEBP

Alison Moore

Ali has been in private practise for 9 years, specialising now in the Science of Relationships. Ali works with couples, families and individuals as well as corporate clients. Ali is trained in traditional talking therapy and is an accredited Integrated Couples and Sex Therapist. She is also qualified as a Mindfulness Practitioner and holds an Advanced Diploma in Coaching. Prior to being in the world of therapy Ali was a senior leadership development consultant for a global organisation. This combination allows Ali to flex her approach based on her client needs. Ali is often requested to conduct talks and workshop on topics such as self-relationships, couples work, emotional intelligence, team dynamics and mental health for young people. Alongside her private practise Ali is the founder and director of The Bemoore Foundation. A not-for-profit community interest company which provides support to young women and their families aged 11-18. She is a published best- selling author of Reconnect Your Life in 30 Days and The Bemoore 90 Day Journal. Having been an active member of the IAEBP for a number of years Ali was delighted to take on the position of Chair of the Council in 2024.

Kieran Fitzpatrick

Fellow of the IAEBP, Trainer and Mentor

Kieran Fitzpatrick

Kieran has been running a successful full time private practice since 2004. ​ He is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and Hypno-Psychoanalyst, with a Diploma and Advanced Practical Diploma from The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (Ireland). ​ As well as being a Council Member and Fellow of The International Association for Evidence Based Psychotherapy, Kieran also has the IAEBP Advanced Diploma in Hypno-Analysis. Kieran is involved in ongoing professional development through courses and professional supervision and has undergone specialised training in dealing with the victims of childhood sexual abuse. ​ Kieran has produced an online training course for new Hypnotherapy students, training the Hypnotherapists of the future to the highest professional standards. He also runs regular seminars for experienced therapists on specialist Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy subjects. Kieran is an NLP Practitioner, Licensed by The Society of NLP (USA) and is trained in the use of EMDR for the treatment of victims of trauma. ​ Since 2004, he has applied his knowledge and experience of twenty years in corporate industry and 20 years in the running of his own businesses, to the business and art of helping people. Kieran is regularly featured on Dublin's 98FM and national radio, making contributions to Newstalk 106, as well as Today FM alongside regular popular articles and a self help column in Dublin local papers and the national press. Kieran has also consulted for television production companies in Spain. In his spare time, for almost 40 years he has been a keen martial artist, holding the Associate Master level of 8th Degree Black belt in Kenpo Karate.

Philip Blake

Fellow of the IAEBP

Phillip Blake

Based in Jersey in the Channel Island, Phillip originally trained in Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis with Neil French and passed the Diploma Course in 1985.   Phillip began practising as a Hypnotherapist and Hypnoanalyst in 1989, mainly part time.  Since then, he has successfully undertaken courses and worked as a Counseller with the Central School of Counselling and Therapy, and also received training from Dr Richard Bandler the creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning. Phillip has attended numerous seminars and trainings on such things as sexual abuse, body language, memory reconsolidation, and anger management. Phillip worked mostly as a hypnoanalyst for around 20 years but now his main focus is Cognitive Therapy and Positive Psychology, though he does still practice some hypnoanalysis. In 2010 Phillip was awarded a Fellowship by the Association and now serves on the Council of Management and runs monthly Peer Coaching sessions.

Jonathan Manning

Fellow of the IAEBP and Retired Chair

Jonathan Manning

Jonathan is our most senior Fellow, having attended or run our last thirty two Annual Conferences. He is now retired from private practice but maintains a keen interest in developments in neuroscience. Jonathan has an honours degree in psychology and has been in private practice for over 30 years. As our representative, he was involved in constructive talks with the Dept. of Health about establishing a national regulator for hypnotherapy and was part of the team that wrote the first National Occupational Standards for hypnotherapy and acted as consultant later in the process of their proposed implementation. More recently he has taken part in the consultation process to explore a Federal Approach to Voluntary Self-Regulation and remains the IAEBP authority on regulatory matters. Jonathan has been a member of the council of management since 1998 and organised the national conferences from 1999 to 2023. He was awarded his Fellowship in 2001 for services to the profession. He runs a championship-winning classic rally car, having previously participated in motorcycle rallies on the continent. He is a keen student of architecture and design, especially garden design, his own garden being an oasis of calm and tranquility in a busy city. Jonathan is also chairman of the Thailand Philatelic Society, a position that takes him to many countries visiting exhibitions and fellow enthusiasts.

Beaula Page

Fellow of the IAEBP, Trainer and Mentor

Beaula Page 

Beaula is a fully qualified and certified practitioner of Parks Inner Child Therapy, and is an Accredited Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists as well as being experienced in hypnoanalysis and cognitive psychotherapy. She specialises in helping people who have problems arising from adverse childhood experiences, or who have experienced significant loss or trauma either during their childhood or adult life. She has studied and attended courses and conferences on Trauma and Dissociation, and has taken EMDR Level 1 accredited training to help her clients in this regard. She was awarded a Fellowship by the IAEBP in 2015 in recognition of the huge contribution she made to the training and mentoring of students of hypnotherapy.

What Our Clients Say

IAEBP Verified Testimonial

Social Phobia

"Right now 5 hours after final session feel like I can take on the world. I feel at peace inside and hopeful that my stress levels have substantially reduced/gone to enable me to make a success of my career. I have confidence to make decisions for me. I am happy with myself and am going to start living my life for me without fear of peoples opinions and trying to fit in. I have been living within a glass box my whole life and I now feel like the doors and windows have been opened, I am now free so watch out world cos I’m not scared anymore!!!."

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