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Self-harming at record level

Self-harming is at record levels among the young.

Lucie Russell from Youngminds is quoted in The Times citing the pressures of the modern world “and some of these pressures are unprecedented”, referring to the 24/7 on-line culture.

“Young people feel it never lets up.” “On-line they create a brand – brand me – which says I have loads of friends and this is how I look. They feel the need for constant reassurance from others and there is no privacy any more.”

Sue Minto from Childline is also quoted saying that self-inflicted pain was a “coping mechanism”.

At the IAEBP we would see it more as a way to feel in control in a world where the youngster may have very little power, or control, when they’re dealing with problems at home, peer pressure, abuse and bullying. Little wonder that mental health problems are on the increase in this age group.

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