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Choose your Membership Level

  • Member of the IAEBP

    Every year
    Choose this Membership if you are wishing to join the IAEBP as a Practising Member
    • As a Member you must fulfill the following criteria:
    • (1) I have achieved a recognised Psychotherapy Qualification
    • (2) I confirm I have Professional Indemnity Insurance
    • (3) I hold a current (less than 5 Years) DBS
    • (4) I have completed at least 14 hours of CPD this year
    • (5) My Business Profile on the IAEBP website is up to date
    • You agree to fulfil the above criterion each year and will
    • inform us if any of these no longer apply.
    • (6) Undertaken at least 8 hours of Personal and Professional
    • Support
  • Accredited Membership

    Every year
    Select this membership to upgrade to a higher level of IEABP membership
    • Criteria is as per the standard membership plus:
    • (1) 120 hours of face-to-face training
    • or agreed online study
    • (2) Completed two Years in Practice
    • (3) Satisfied the minimum yearly CPD requirements
    • (4) Undertaken at least 12 hours of Personal and
    • Professional Support
  • Associate Membership

    Every year
    Non-Practising qualified members
    • Membership for trained/qualified therapists who are either:
    • (a) not practising at the moment
    • (b) have no clients at all
    • c) just want to stay in touch with the Association
  • Student

    Valid for 12 months
    • To qualify you need to:
    • 1. Be studying a course in therapy
    • e.g. hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, Lifespan Integration, IFS
    • 2. Be working towards accreditation
    • 3. Be eligible for insurance once qualified
  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Break your membership down into monthly payments
    Valid for 12 months
    • Pay 12 instalments of £9 per month
    • Total payable = £108
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